Proceedings of the IEEE - Featured Article - Brittain

Proceedings of the IEEE - Featured Article - Brittain

Scanning My Past: Some Personal Reflections Stimulated by the Proceedings Centennial

Published in May 2012

Proceedings of the IEEE - Featured Article - Brittain


James E. Brittain


In preparing this retrospective essay, I have relied primarily on my personal correspondence files and my unpublished autobiographical memoir Scanning My Past.

For approximately four decades, my professional activities related to the history of electrical engineering have frequently been influenced by the Proceedings of the IEEE, the authors of its papers, and its editors. Although I will not be able to give proper credit to all of them in this brief commentary, I am especially indebted to Reed Crone, a former and longtime Managing Editor, and to the current Managing Editor, Jim Calder. They have both provided strong support and behind-the-scenes assistance on numerous occasions. Regretfully, I never had an opportunity to meet and work with Alfred N. Goldsmith, the legendary founding Editor of the Proceedings. He was largely responsible for implementing the quality standards and editorial policies that made it into the preeminent professional periodical in electrical and electronics engineering that it remains today.