Connecting the Past and Future

The Proceedings of the IEEE has a rich and long history that can be traced back to its early beginnings in 1909, when it was known as the Proceedings of the Wireless Institute. In 1911, the New York-based Wireless Institute merged with the Boston-based Society of Wireless Telegraph Engineers to become the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). The first issue of Proceedings of the IRE (Volume 1) appeared in January of 1913. In 1963, the first issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE (renamed as a result of the merger of the IRE and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers to form the IEEE) continued the Proceedings tradition of publishing only the best and brightest—and this tradition continues today.

For more than a century, the Proceedings has documented and influenced the major developments in technology, with contributions from past and present visionaries. Going into our 105th year, we proudly look back at the legacy of the Proceedings for inspiration as we continue to enhance our offerings with new features in the future.